From Field to Bottled Product

OWAY is a family-owned, global manufacturer of prestige ‘Agricosmetics’ for hair, face, and body. Starting from biodynamic, zero-mile, organic and fair-trade crops, we create extraordinary high-performance treatments and rituals with a high concentration of botanical ingredients. With sustainability at our core, we are 99% plastic-free with packaging and material designed to have minimal impact and to be infinitely reusable and recyclable.

‍Iconic salons where it is possible to experience every aspect of Oway’s Agricosmetics: from offering plastic free products and treatments to using biodynamic, organic and ethical ingredients, passing through rituals of pure sensory luxury and furnishings with a refined design, made of entirely natural materials, essential lines and zero-impact craftsmanship.

Agricosmetica® is the virtuous circle of choices and actions which Oway puts into place in order to improve the well-being of the Earth and of its inhabitants at every stage of the product’s life cycle.