We know, two of the most over utilized, yet under delivered words in businesses today are “team” and “culture”, but we mean them and here’s why:


The talents, expertise and abilities of every team member are available to all our guests. We are all trained to provide the same level of experience and while you may find one of our aesthetics fits more closely with your own, if our schedules don’t match there’s no need to wait an extended amount of time or try a salon that knows nothing about you. We encourage you to try another team member. Our team collaborates and learns from one another, we take detailed notes about the techniques, products and color formulas that were done at each session, we share the same goal of ensuring that all our guests have a great experience with us no matter which chair you are in.


The option to rebook the next reservation with either the same or a different stylist is entirely up to you. You may find you click or receive something that works really well for you with another team member and we love that! Or you may decide that when scheduling is available you have a preference for your original team member, we love that too! The point is, we’re all here for you.


How can we create this type of environment? That goes to our culture. We track and measure team goals so internal competition isn’t really a thing. Our pay structure isn’t limited to how many guests each stylist can see in a given day (which also means your reservation won’t be rushed or squeezed in). Instead our team is compensated based not only on the $ amount we can generate during the day (how limiting!) but on our overall contribution to Atlas. How we show up, what we share, what we learn, how we interact with guests and our team, how we are adding value to the Atlas experience and the salon’s growth and success as a whole. It may seem like a no brainer, but in our industry it’s not the traditional approach.


If you’ve been in our space before, hopefully you can tell that we genuinely enjoy working together. We love collaborating, using one another as a sounding board and getting geeky about cuts, colors, styles and guest care. You may have experienced the stylist you are with brainstorming a color formulation or a product recommendation with one of their teammates. You would have definitely seen all of us sweeping, jumping in to help with a blow out or shampoo, doing laundry or answering phones. With the whole team working together, you get so much more than what any one of us working on our own could provide.


Our hope is that you feel the difference. That you can tell that we put our shared success above our individual egos. We want you to be cared for. If that means stepping in to provide a session when your regular stylist is busy, or stepping aside to let you experience a different point of view for your hair goals, we’re here for it and we are always here for you.