One of our core values at Atlas is “innovation” – we constantly strive to find better ways to care for our guests and provide the highest quality care we can. Our journey to time based reservations has evolved in the 5 years we’ve been open and we could not be more proud that our transition is at the stage it is! Here are our top 5 motivating factors for having time based pricing:

  1. Who you are, what your goals are, where you’re starting from all matter! By eliminating booking techniques we hold ourselves accountable for discovering all of your needs. For us, consultation is key. Many stylists default to what technique a guest is scheduled for, without asking the questions that may reveal a missed expectation based on what you actually want. For us, we want to know everything and offer our professional recommendation on what techniques will get you there. An inspiration photo that someone could think is a balayage, could actually be a foil with root smudge. We’ll guide you in the how, that’s what we’re here for.
  2. We strongly believe that everyone should be charged fairly and we can’t think of a better way than by the time it takes to complete your desired look. Our space practices gender equality and non-binary acceptance, time based pricing just makes sense to support that practice and belief.
  3. “Add ons”, “up-charges”, and “extra product charges” take away from your enjoyment, create stress and hinder our ability to deliver what your hair needs. By booking and charging based on time, all of those hidden expenses become transparent and quoted up front. A great example of this is the “toner” add on. If your hair is being lifted by powder lightener, a toner is a must to maintain the health and shine of your hair as well as ensure we are seeing the tone we want. Previously our industry has treated this as an add-on that gets charged while you are in salon, at Atlas, we consider it a necessary part of a lightening service that gets calculated both in time and price and is quoted up front. If there is a change in price, it’s due to a change in time, this way we and our guests are always on the same page.
  4. Techniques change. Just 5 years ago we were doing color differently, trends shift and how we create looks is under constant innovation. By making our reservations time based, the technique can shift and we always have an option to book for every desired result. Our team can keep learning, growing and expanding their knowledge to provide the best results to our guests without having to constantly update or change our menu offerings.
  5. No more double booking! As we’re sure you’ve experienced as well, the pandemic brought about some changes that we actually liked, one of ours was focusing on one guest at a time. We found our team to be on their best game when allowed to spend undistracted time which each individual guest. By charging and booking by time, we can continue to do just that. What that means for you is that your processing times are exactly what they should be, you won’t have to sit and wait for your stylist to finish another style before checking on you, the majority of the time you spend at Atlas will be with the stylist that you are booked with and nothing is rushed, cut short, or cut out of your experience. We know consistency is important and valued, it’s our goal to provide you a high level of experience and attention no matter if it’s your first time or 100th time with us.