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Our Team Based Culture – Beyond Buzzwords

We know, two of the most over utilized, yet under delivered words in businesses today are “team” and “culture”, but we mean them and here’s why:   The talents, expertise and abilities of every team member are available to all our guests. We are all trained to provide the same level of experience and while you may find one of our aesthetics fits more closely with your own, if our schedules don’t match there’s no need to wait an extended amount of time or try a salon that knows nothing about you. We encourage you to try… Continue Reading

Why Time Based Pricing?

One of our core values at Atlas is “innovation” – we constantly strive to find better ways to care for our guests and provide the highest quality care we can. Our journey to time based reservations has evolved in the 5 years we’ve been open and we could not be more proud that our transition is at the stage it is! Here are our top 5 motivating factors for having time based pricing: Who you are, what your goals are, where you’re starting from all matter! By eliminating booking techniques we hold ourselves accountable for discovering all of your… Continue Reading